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Author Topic: FIVE SURE SIGNS SHE WANTS TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU  (Read 49161 times)
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« on: April 23, 2011, 04:15:51 AM »


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Last time I gave you five clear-cut, indisputable signs that a
woman is attracted to you.  

Just for good measure, I made all five of them PHYSICAL "touchie-
feelie" signs.  That way you'd by extra sure to tell when they
were happening for you...before your very eyes.

Well, today we're going to turn the heat up a notch...literally.

Just like there are clear signals that women send you when they're
attracted, there are also signs they give you when they're 100%
ready and willing to have sex with you.

And the best news of all?  They're also PHYSICAL ones, like the
five I gave you last time.

Now obviously, if a woman grabs you by the collar, looks you in the
eye and whispers "take" you're going to know what's up.

But remember always, women want YOU TO LEAD.  

As such, they're more likely to drop hints about their horniness
(possibly even STRONG ones, like you're about to see)...all the while
HOPING you'll "get the memo" and make a bold move.

Like was the case last time, some of these might seem obvious to

And yes, at the purely theoretical level it might be really easy to
interpret these signals.

But based on the e-mails I get, the problem clearly arises when
this stuff happens TO US in the REAL WORLD, with REAL WOMEN around.

Let's just put it this way, if you see ANYTHING on the following
list in real life and do NOTHING to get the ball rolling sexually,
don't at all be surprised when she silently gets up and leaves your
apartment...slamming the door behind her.

You may think you were "being a gentleman", but in her mind you'll
have REJECTED her in humiliating fashion.

Anyway, enough.  Here's what to look for...


1)    Spontaneous Tickling

OK, here's the first GEM of a takeaway you're going to get here.

When it comes to women, this "secret" formula is just about


You see, I didn't like calculus much in school so I keep my
"equations" as simple as possible...and that's about as easy as
"formulas" get.  

Let's face it though.  NOTHING is more "playful" than busting out
and tickling someone--especially right out of the blue.

When a woman tickles you, she's not only demonstrating a strong,
immediate desire to run her "lady paws" all over you, she's also
initiating something that's INHERENTLY DESIGNED to key up your

She tickles, you laugh.  

And hey, if you want to look cool and play the "I'm not ticklish"
card for as long as you can take it, so be it.  

But sooner than later you'd better erupt into tickling her back or
you're going to BLOW IT here, "Mr. Macho".

So yes, you tickle her back...and she squeals and giggles.  

The next thing you know you're writhing together on the couch, or
better yet--the floor.

You'd then better start kissing her...with some enthusiasm.
Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

Don't worry, she'll keep giggling.  

2)    Pillow Fights

Similar to tickling, getting whacked with a pillow serves notice
that she thinks it's time for the two of you to start "getting
physical" with each other.

The subtle difference is that while tickling is mostly about direct
stimulation of your sense of touch, starting a pillow fight is more
of a "hybrid" stimulation involving your imagination as well.

I mean, when she hauls off and clobbers you in a playful way, the
whole idea of starting a "play war" indicates that she's daring you
to try to "subdue" her.

Now, obviously she trusts you not to physically harm her.  

But if you know the first thing about female sexuality, you know
that women LOVE to be "taken" by a man in a way that demonstrates
his physical strength to some degree.

So when she initiates "playful aggression" like this, you know
she's absolutely, positively thinking about getting "pounded" in
return--by another pillow, that least at first.

By the way, if she starts "play wrestling" with you the underlying
message is pretty much the same...only LOUDER.

In fact, if a woman has ever started "play wrestling" with you ON A
BED and you STILL "failed to deploy", call me IMMEDIATELY for
1-on-1 coaching.  

3)    The Hip Bump

Let me give you a caveat here.   This is the one physical sign of
"sexual permission" out of the five on this list that MIGHT NOT
indicate that she's ready for sexual activity right then and
there...if only because the environment might not be appropriate.

But make no mistake, if a woman bumps the side of your pelvic
region with hers it's an UNMISTAKABLE sign that she'd also be very
interested in the two of you bumping each other's pelvic regions
from other angles also.

I remember one time in particular a girl I knew gave me a "surprise
greeting" in the form of The Hip Bump at a bookstore.  I didn't
know she was there, and that's literally how she said "hello".

When I looked up and saw her, she giggled and said, "Hi there."  
Game on.  

4)    Touching You In "Personal" Places

Look, if she grabs your crotch, you'll probably get the message.  
Probably also if she grabs your butt.

But the arguably more subtle signals come in the form of her
touching you in other places on YOUR body that you wouldn't even
dream of touching on HERS unless you knew she was good and ready
for it.

The prime example here is, of course, the chest.  

Her chest is more "personal" of an area than yours, but make no
mistake about it--if she touches yours, you have "sexual permission"
to touch hers.

That goes for anywhere else on the body.  Thighs, neck, etc.

General rule:  Any time a woman touches you somewhere, you can
reciprocate without any trepidation whatsoever.  

5)    Modeling Clothes In Private

Believe it or not, once you get inside a woman's mind and figure
out exactly what goes on in there you're very likely to LOVE what
you discover.

Personally, I've grown to absolutely crave both the playful,
teasing nature of femininity AND women's apparent "subtlety" when
it comes to waiting on a guy to take the lead sexually.

And I love how they really like to make sure "foreplay" happens
whether we as guys think we want it or not....and whether WE REALIZE
that's what they actually have in mind, or not.

Women are truly the mistresses of making sure sexual chemistry
simmers until ready.

And they LOVE to be sexually appreciated--but ONLY by guys
they're attracted to in return.

Where am I going with all this?

Check it out.  ANY TIME you're at a woman's place and she suggests
she'd like to model some new clothes for you, you'd better OBLIGE

Otherwise, you're a total bonehead.  

That's because what's about to happen is pretty much the ULTIMATE
form of demonstration of every premise of feminine nature I just

So should relax and enjoy the "show".

Oh sure, on the surface it sounds boring.  

It may even sort of sound like you're masculinity is potentially
going to be insulted--as if you've just been asked to hold her purse
or something.

But not so fast.  That's not what she has in mind...believe me.
Quite the opposite, in fact.

Her full intention is to IGNITE your masculinity.

After all, we're not talking about her dragging you to The Limited
like a gay friend here.

I'm specifically talking about when she dreams up the idea of
modeling clothes for you IN in AT HER PLACE.

Sure, you can perpetrate like you're not interested in a bunch of
women's clothes, etc.  But don't put up TOO much of a battle here.

This is not about the's about what's UNDER THEM.

What she's going to do is take you into her room, and--sure
enough--she's going to change.  

She'll probably go into the bathroom or the closet so she can do so
out of your sight.

But don't kid yourself.  She's intentionally planting the seed in
your imagination that she's GETTING NAKED in there.

It won't be long at all before she comes out and asks you what you
think.  Don't be surprised when she has something on that brings
out just exactly how FEMALE she is.

The proper response from you might be, "Hmmm...not bad.  But maybe
you'd better give me something else to compare it to."

She'll smile and skip back into the bathroom.  

When she returns she'll have something EVEN SEXIER on.

Go ahead and give her some approval.  But then ask, "I'm guessing
there's more, huh?"

The next time she comes out, she'll be wearing something she KNOWS
looks good on her.'s altogether likely that she'll be holding another blouse or
dress in her hand as she makes little "catwalk" moves before you.

"Wait a sec...", she'll say.  "See if you think this looks better
with these shoes."

This time, if you've shown just the right amount of flirtatious
intrigue, she'll spontaneously change shirts without returning to
the you a nice view of the bra she's wearing.

Please--in the name of all that's right in this world--do the right
thing once she puts on the other blouse.

Tell her you greatly prefer the "blouse-free option" which time
you walk up to her and kiss her.

Importantly, don't just grab at the blouse just yet.  Her message
has been clearly communicated, and she knows you got it.

Now, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention a couple of variations on
this theme.

The first is when she decides to model swimsuits for you.  This
adds a more overt twist to the whole exercise, while also
demonstrating that she's VERY comfortable with her body...nice.

The other variation, of course, is when she just throws caution to
the wind and goes straight for modeling underwear for you.  

Some very confident and relatively forward women will indeed
actually go in this blatant a direction, ESPECIALLY if you've been
guilty of letting the "sexual tension" go on for way, way too long.

Having read this list, any red-blooded guy would no doubt be pretty
happy to have ANYTHING on it happen to him.

The key is, of course, to actually RECOGNIZE the signals for what
they are and make sure to RESPOND accordingly.

Before we go, I want to grant "honorable mention" status to two
other playfully sexual signals women send:

1)    Playing "footsie"

2)    Biting you somewhere on your body, especially while kissing you

Both of those mean that she's sexually interested and is having a
hard time containing the sexual energy she feels toward you.   But,
I'd stop just short of deeming them "sexual permission" signals.

It's possible she might not be ready for you to "take her" just yet.

Nevertheless, if you keep doing all the right things you've been
doing up until that moment to attract her and drive her wild,
you're likely to seen at least one of the five signals on the main
list above VERY SOON thereafter.

Be Good,

Scot McKay

P.S.  Episode #44 of The Chick Whisperer podcast is going to be
recorded tomorrow.  It's going to be different...and weird.  'Nuff
said, for now.


X & Y Communications is dedicated to making you the most skilled
participant in the dating world you can be, at whatever stage of
life you are in.  It's straight talk about the most creative
subjects, somehow encompassing character-based principles while
being neither too shy nor too judgmental to hit the important
things head on. The basic fluff you've heard a million times
isn't rehashed around here.


Please also note that the information in this newsletter is for
entertainment purposes only and is not intended to constitute
"professional advice".  You are responsible for your own decisions
in life (which we hope will include meeting more high quality

Any external links in this e-mail should be understood to be
affiliate links.  Purchases made through them help support X & Y
Communications podcasts, this newsletter, and all the other cool
content that you get from us that costs nothing...and keeps the
good stuff coming your way.
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