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(Portugal) This men (grandfather) killed a...

Ricard Simcoe 5:12am Sep 20

Epogen For Sale, (Portugal) This men (grandfather) killed a father that on past February, after 2 year for fighting for his daughter. Now, Epogen no rx, Ordering Epogen online, the judge decided that this murder should go domicile arrest until the trial, LIVING with the granddaughter, low dose Epogen, Epogen without a prescription, who father he killed... this is the Portuguese justice, Epogen recreational. Epogen long term, The paternal family STILL and NO contact with their granddaughter (of 4 years)

“Educada pelo assassino do pai”     - Exclusivo CM - Correio da Manhã


Família do advogado morto está revoltada com a libertação do homicida, que ficará em domiciliária na

Ricard from Portugal sent me this article to show that it is happening in his country that used to be very traditional and now is infected with the feminist bug of destroying families for profit.  Big daddy  government replaces dad making dad into just a sperm donor since he has no part in his children's lives if mom does not want him any more.

The US is setting very bad trends and feminist are using and wasting our taxpayer dollars to fund this extreme and sick type of abuse.  We have very sick laws that are a heavy drain on the family and the taxpayer.  It is time we get rid of these laws before too much damage is done and our country further sinks into the abyss.
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3 Responses to “Epogen For Sale”

  1. Your post is surprising because you bring up things no one else will, but I like it.

  2. We are slipping further and further it is not fair that we don’t hold people accountable.

  3. It is all about welfare and no jobs. We can support this crazy feminist exploitation and destruction. Feminist women expect everything free and they don’t want to be held accountable.