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The Blindside is a new film with Sandra Bullock coming out this Friday, November 20.

The Blindside is a film based on a true story when a wealthy two-parent couple takes interest in a huge black boy called Michael "Big Mike" Oher that was walking down a road at night in the pouring rain.  What turn out to be a one night stay at their house opened them up to seeing a system that says it has the "best interests of children", Allopurinol blogs, Allopurinol dangers, but really doesn't care.

Sandra Bullock who plays Leigh Ann Tuohy discovers the darkside and how these children in Foster care are forgotten and only used as a pay check for the state.  Big Mike's mother was a crack whore living a state owned ghetto project.  She is living off welfare and all of her children she has had with 12 dozen men are all in Foster care.  Big Mike has a point 0 grade point average, Allopurinol trusted pharmacy reviews, Where can i find Allopurinol online, has no place to live, or a change of clothes to wear for school, Allopurinol class. Fast shipping Allopurinol, Big Mike gets exposed to a two-parent couple and how well adjusted their children are and the Tuohy's show him what a family should be and not the waste his crack mother that doesn't care.  Big Mike gets the opportunity to grow and exceed.  This would have never been possible in the Title IV-d programs that plague our children that rob them from the future potentials.

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  1. It is so sad we are destroying our children by incentivizing a system that focuses on taking quantities of children from their parents and doing a worse job raising them. There are over 4 million children in the foster care system and most would be better off being with there parents. It is not poverty that is doing this. It is the state system that takes billions in the name of the kids and then puts it in there own pockets and fail the kids.


  2. Interesting and informative. But will you write about this one more?

    I find I will not date women from single mother homes because they are all crazy. Broken homes is a serious problems and mothers are held accountable for messed up kids is a serious problem. Need to get state out of family business.

  3. RESPECT I thought voting for Obama I would get change other than continued failed Bush Programs. Obama works with the big banks and profiteers and cares nothing about fixing the problems only focusing on making his family a billionaire lotto winners when they leave office and selling the country down the road.

  4. I think that shows a lot of how smart she is 🙂 and BTW i liked the movie and i bought the dvd. she was great

  5. Hum, I think Sandra is awesome! Do you think she is really having an affair on Jesse?

  6. Sorry Sandra Bullock is having problems with her bad boy Jesse James. Don’t understand why she is with a man that has to feel good about himself with tatoos all over his body.

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  8. I really like Sandra Bullock. She is such a talented performer & nice looking too!