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Judge loses if you see kids Modalert For Sale, Many judges and the family court system have be abusing their judicial discretion by putting profits over following the law and doing what is right for families and children.  Every family court order they claim is in "the best interest of children" however many parents are forced to become only visitors because they don't have the money to pay to play in the family courts.  Pro Se litigants are ignored and abused by judges no allowing them to represent themselves and unfairly ruling against them even though the law is contrary to the judges' rulings. Generic Modalert, The family court system fails to encourage a frequent interaction of both parents with their children.  The court feeds chronic litigation and fighting because it makes money and helps keep independent lawyers to be employed.  Furthermore, the Social Security Administration's Title IV-d program encourages judges to cut off contact and create non-custodial parents because the program rewards the state by exiling parents from their children so that the state can maximize higher child support payments where the states and family court will receive federal matching funds of $3.00 and ever$1.00 they collect, Modalert reviews. Real brand Modalert online, All judges are now legally allowed to profit share and receive profits for making higher child support orders in addition to their pay as an elected official thanks to the California Legislature passing SBX-11 this year, crazy when the state is broke.  The State pays judges $185, Modalert steet value, Modalert gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, 000 per year and judges can make an additional $200,000 to $400, canada, mexico, india, Buy generic Modalert, 000 per year ensuring that one parent will get little or no contact with their child and will be forced to pay high child support that will cause the parent to go to jail if they lose their job or arrears that will never be able to be repaid at 10% interest per year thus criminalizing and enslaving these parents.

The real sad losers are the children whom the judges claim they are doing all this in "the best interests of children."

The audits will hopefully shed light that the court bring in too much money and that it is failing to serve the public.  The judges have abused their discretion for too long.  Equal parenting is the best solution for children, about Modalert, Modalert pharmacy, parents, and the taxpayers.  We need to stop catering to greedy judges and state executive employees that are doing severe harm to our state and destroying the bright futures of our children, buy Modalert without a prescription. Herbal Modalert, State orders audit of Marin family court
Gary Klien
Posted: 07/01/2009 06:58:10 PM PDT

Prodded by Sen. Mark Leno and other lawmakers, the state Joint Legislative Audit Committee voted Wednesday to investigate the family courts in Marin and Sacramento counties, Modalert For Sale.

The audit will focus on the use, Modalert dosage, Modalert recreational, and potential misuse, of court-appointed specialists in family-law disputes, fast shipping Modalert, Modalert without a prescription, such as mediators, investigators and therapists, Modalert pictures. Where can i buy cheapest Modalert online, Critics say such appointees can form incestuous and incompetent networks more concerned with generating fees than helping children through painful custody fights.

"It becomes a service mill, buy Modalert online cod, Buy Modalert online no prescription, a cottage industry of sorts," Leno said in an interview Wednesday, cheap Modalert no rx. Purchase Modalert online, "Maybe state law needs to be changed."

Marin and Sacramento counties were chosen for the audit because of the number of litigants reporting problems and filing complaints, said Ali Bay, Modalert price, coupon, After Modalert, a spokeswoman for Leno. But any changes recommended by the auditors could inspire new statewide legislation, my Modalert experience. Modalert images, The audit is expected to take four months and cost about $160,000, buy cheap Modalert no rx. Buy Modalert without prescription, The start date has not been determined. Where can i buy Modalert online. Modalert street price. Modalert no rx. Modalert samples. Modalert results. Modalert description. Modalert photos. Comprar en línea Modalert, comprar Modalert baratos.

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2 Responses to “Modalert For Sale”

  1. In regards to Marin Family Court audit.
    My own nightmare is on-going with Marin DCSS, the ‘Court Commissioner’, and the extreme punitive economical measures they assigned. Being unemployed in 2002, unable to address basic living expenses in Marin, let alone child support based on a job no longer available; the court’s removal of my driver’s license, thus terminating two (2) part-time jobs in the Bay area requiring the operation of employer’s vehicles, forced me to relocate out of state. Knowing full well the consequences were not in the interest of my children. The relationship with my kids was destroyed. The statements of arrears has been inconsistent, and just last month the $72,ooo number magically jumped to $90,ooo. No body from the State of California, or Marin DCSS, including Director Keith Pepper, will respond to my three (3) written requests for accounting, remedy, or status, yet my support the past three years has been well above the support, to address the arrears.

    I now make 14,000 driving a bus in Bloomington, Indiana, my youngest turns 18 in a month and DCSS has taken my passport, again hobbling my ability to visit family in Sweden.

    I would love to see this nightmare come to close, a fair attainable remedy, and the mission of DCSS ‘ the childrens wellbeing’ revisited to include what is healthy foundation for continued positive relationships between father and kids. My kids grew up with a vindictive mother and grandparents, all alcoholics, yet successful income earners. A loving, divorced under-employed Dad, as far as the courts posture, is a loser and there by must be burdened with unattainable economical measures. Compounded 10 % yearly.

    I will stand strong and advocate for father’s rights with any one who will stand with me; any divorced lawyers out there with moral conviction? It is imperative to tend to the rebuilding of a family court system that is currently a
    total disaster profiting by destroying loving relationships with parents and children.

  2. I have heard nothing about the audits. When will the courts get audited. I see so much money going in to support them and they exploit and destroy peoples live. I wouldn’t be surprised if we have a Bastille Day and destroy the courts.