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Buy Epogen Without Prescription, Please note due to San Diego Court intimidation and threats to author own active case in the courts, the name of the whistleblower is removed and replaced with Whisleblower X.

San Diego Court Whistleblower Says She Will Lose Her Job If She Tells The Truth.

Whistleblower X, order Epogen from United States pharmacy, Where can i buy Epogen online, a resident of Otay Ranch, a sub-division in Chula Vista claims she is employed by the San Diego Court in South Bay for about 20 years.  She claims to work as a social worker in Family Court Services (FCS).  Whistleblower X is very frustrated with a broken court system that claims to be looking out for the “best interests of children” is only looking to place the children with the least unstable parent when there is a custody dispute making it more likely the “parents will have to go back to court multiple times and spend thousands in courts fees and attorney’s fees and all in the name of bringing revenue into the courts and justifying extraordinary bloated court budgets.”

Whistleblower X says she is forced to write reports the way the judges want them and not what is mediated in the sessions with the parents.  Very little is done to educate parents and families the long-term implication of how divorce detrimentally affects children.  The standard “cookie-cutter” plan in FCS mediation is to make one parent the custodial parent and the other the non-custodial parent sentenced to only 4 days per month with their child or children.  She says even when parents agree to 50-50 custody and ask for shared parenting the most Whistleblower X can recommend is “only 80% mom and 20% dad time” or the judges will fire her.  Whistleblower X says she obtained her Masters in Social Work to help people and their children and she did not sign up for this.  She says the Court System in California has a culture “that judges are always right and a court employee disagreeing with a judge can result in termination.”  “Judges can be tyrants and sexually harass women employees and assault them and court employees have to put up with it or lose your job.”

Whistleblower X says the system in these hard times is “squeezing people and churning them for more dollars and people are unemployed and not earning money to afford to be divorced.”  She says the judges have a “rule of thumb with divorcing couples that they should be willing to spend up to 30% of their gross annual income on attorney fees, buy Epogen without a prescription, My Epogen experience, specialists, and court fees.”  “Judges do not like poor or disabled people in their courts and are treated with disdain.”  A “judge would rather make a finding of abuse to get the child in Foster even when there is no proof so that the courts can tap into Social Security Title IV-D & E money.”  Houses and personal property are liquidated forcing at least 60% of people to file for bankruptcy with in one to two years after filing for divorce.  Whistleblower X is very concerned that judges are pushing people too far when they have nothing to give.  The average person getting a divorce averages $22, Epogen online cod, Epogen coupon, 000 dollars for year.  Judges make $200,000 plus per year and have no concept of the struggles of families.  Bareno she knows of many people that are driven to murder over custody issues simply because the judge thought the person cheap for not hiring an attorney he denied any form of custody leading to the person to commit murder, Epogen images. Order Epogen online overnight delivery no prescription, She finds that people get no real justice in family courts and that many needless killings are a result of judges and court employees pushing these people over the edge with no hope, they do things like murder their ex-spouse and children otherwise they are your next door neighbor or friend hardly a criminal, herbal Epogen, Epogen dose, but after dealing with family court they have become killers.  Whistleblower X has also watched the children of divorced parents and says many of them have chronic legal problems and drug issues.  She has watched these damaged children grow up and lack the skills of children who grow up in intact homes, Epogen steet value. Epogen from canada, Whistleblower X recommends that the court system “needs a collaborative system needs to be implemented and eliminate this broken “no fault divorce” system.”  People need to be educated that marriage is a contract with a lot of responsibilities and duties.  She cited the protect marriage initiative and make divorce illegal because “divorce is harmful to children” she says.  The court is exploiting families that can least afford it.  The long-term consequences she has observed is that parents are never able to recover back to pre-divorce.  Many parents have chronic health problems, get fired from jobs, Epogen schedule, Epogen from canadian pharmacy, suffer from depression, earn a criminal record, online buying Epogen hcl, Epogen reviews, live on state assistance… The children don’t do any better children from divorced parents have drug & alcohol addiction, never finish school, what is Epogen, Order Epogen online c.o.d, pregnancy while teens, teen criminals, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Epogen brand name, and multiple other issues.  She says the “best interests of children standard does nothing really to help children or finding a collaborative means of resolving issues.  These parents and children would fare much better if the courts were out of their business” but of course billions of dollars and jobs would be lost.

We thank Whistleblower X for being candid about the family court system and having the moral courage to speak out against this broken system.  Whistleblower X feels that family court judges fail to see that people go on killing sprees because the judge pushed them to the breaking point.  She wanted to stress that judicial discretion of judges needs to be reigned in and that the adversarial process of family court needs to be removed and that will be in the “best interests of children” since family code promotes frequent contact with both parents but judges have abused their discretion and put profits above the interests of children, where can i order Epogen without prescription. Epogen photos, I did verify that Whistleblower X does work at San Diego Courts (South Bay Division) in FCS when I called the office.  However, purchase Epogen, Epogen australia, uk, us, usa, when I checked to see if she was a licensed Social Worker with the California Board of Behavioral Sciences, I could not confirm she was licensed.  I thank Whistleblower X for blowing the whistle and taking a stand against a court system that is wasting our tax dollars to destroy families and children, doses Epogen work. Where to buy Epogen. About Epogen. Rx free Epogen. Buy generic Epogen. Canada, mexico, india. Epogen price. Taking Epogen. Buy Epogen from mexico. Epogen forum. Epogen wiki.

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11 Responses to “Buy Epogen Without Prescription”

  1. Grow some balls. Too many cowards afraid to lose their jobs I am glad someone in the court is willing to speak out. The rest are sorry losers that allow families to be destroyed. These judges do need oversight. They are human and not perfect and judges have prejudges and biases of what they think that women are only homemakers and the man is the breadwinner. Now both have to earn and one income is not enough unless you are some rich judge.

  2. Hey, having firsthand experience with the retaliation a corrupt court system is capable of, I think this person is brave indeed. One person alone will get tidal waved and it is important that this person is rallied around and protected from the apex predator that is the court system.

  3. Comeon whistleblowers, society would be better helped if you right out for what is right!

  4. […] and counseling for groups and individuals. Someone should consider visiting a social worker …San Diego Court Whistleblower Says She Will Lose Her Job If …Please note due to San Diego Court intimidation and threats to author own active case in the courts, […]

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  7. Hi, I very like the look of your website. What template are you using?

  8. The system wants to know everything about us and nothing about them. They are faceless people that we must answer to. This is nothing but a sick society that will collapse. Stop trying to fix something that just needs to go away. This as we know it needs to be destroyed but as usaul we will build it back.

  9. I don’t know if I could stay in a job where my life is a lie and I have to lie every day and destroy famlies when I am supposed to help them. It must be very draining to be stuck in a social worker job that only does more harm than good because a judge is dictating how you are supposed to do your job or you will not have one.

  10. Nice post, intresting read. Keep posting and I’ll come back for some more reading! Thanks!

  11. Great Post, I was wondering did you hear that Dade County , Florida has decided interference with free speech by pulling ads about Islam. This is outrageous and a huge waste of tax payer money will be pent paying legal costs to defend this practice.