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Judges that accept illegal payments are dishonest and incompetent to sit on the bench.  We have a right to have an honest judiciary.   Judges are state employees not county so getting free additional $50,000 (bribe) from the county in addition to their state pay should be a violation of the judges judicial ethics.

No judge right now is qualified to sit on the bench unless they have refused these payments.  Not one judge, Diclofenac results, Diclofenac coupon, to this date has come out to refuse these payments.  The money is coming from Title IV-D payments, too many judges fail to see that Title IV-D is destroying families or children or they could care less putting greed above right, buy Diclofenac from canada. Ordering Diclofenac online, Whistleblower Richard I. Fine was jailed over a year ago for contempt of court for exposing this crime and the courts refuse to release him and he is treated worse than a murderer or child molester.  Not allowed to shower or exercise a any rights to or access to the courts to prove his case, Diclofenac online cod. Diclofenac pharmacy, The California judicial system is rotten and needs to be fixed.  We must stop Title IV-D funding and force open records and transparency to all internal workings of the court system. My Diclofenac experience. Diclofenac description. Order Diclofenac from mexican pharmacy. Diclofenac cost. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Diclofenac natural. Diclofenac interactions. Get Diclofenac. Diclofenac brand name. Buy Diclofenac without prescription. Buy Diclofenac online no prescription. Buy generic Diclofenac. Is Diclofenac safe. Diclofenac dosage. Diclofenac steet value. Diclofenac duration. Order Diclofenac no prescription. No prescription Diclofenac online. Canada, mexico, india. Diclofenac steet value. Rx free Diclofenac. Where can i buy Diclofenac online. Where can i order Diclofenac without prescription. Diclofenac use. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Diclofenac price. My Diclofenac experience. Australia, uk, us, usa. Diclofenac without a prescription.

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9 Responses to “Diclofenac For Sale”

  1. What about millions of Fathers who are MIA because of the family court system? Political figures often discuss the welfare of our children but never discuss the problems regarding our family court system, unfair visitation laws and how those laws affect fathers who want to be part of their children’s lives.

    There is a Child Support Enforcement agency in every state but not a Visitation/Parenting Time Enforcement Agency. Why?? This needs to be an issue addressed at the federal level and not decided by the states because the system at the state level is not working. Most states call the time Fathers spend with their children as “Visitation” instead of calling it what it is “Parenting time”. Parenting time is a time to be a parent to your child. Visitation is what the family court force on fathers, as they want fathers to become an occasional visitor. Family courts wants fathers to settle for becoming a ‘Disney Dad,’ one whose role is nothing more than outings to theme parks once or twice a month. Why can’t the family courts grant time to fathers in a frequency, duration, and type reasonably calculated to promote a strong and loving relationship between the child and the parent? The standard visitation which is four days a month is not enough time to be an effective parent to your child. The family courts very, very rarely enforce visitation. Here, the prejudice is against fathers and their parental rights. The congress refuses to acknowledge the injustice, cruelty, brutality and inhumanity of denying the love and companionship between a father and their child. Divorce from a spouse is not a divorce from your children, nor should custody decisions be used as a punishment. Joint physical custody can benefit the children, the divorced parents, and society in general by having both parents involved in the child’s upbringing.

    Fathers are systematically eliminated from their children’s lives. Father’s parental rights are systematically terminated by family court judges who have a deep seated gender bias against fathers. Termination of parental rights is both total and irrevocable. Termination of parental rights is the family law equivalent of the death penalty in a criminal case. The primary casualties in our Domestic Relations courts are our children.

    Courts are supposed to approach cases of child custody, support payments, and visitation rights in a gender-neutral posture. It sounds fair, and it is fair. But it is a myth. Judges are not enforcing these gender laws fairly, and few seem to care. Unless you have been forcefully removed from the everyday upbringing of your child by the Court, you can not fathom the emotional distress. To discriminate against fathers because of their gender in this day and age is no different than telling a person to go to the back of the bus because of their skin color. With sole or primary custody going to the mother in roughly 90% of cases, claiming custody is not based on gender would be like claiming hiring is not based on race if 90% of a particular race, though equally qualified, was unable to obtain employment. This was missing from the Obama’s Father’s day speech. What about millions of Fathers who are MIA because of the family court system?

    Anguish is experienced by hundreds of thousands of fathers across the country. Their grievances include: blocked visitation and unenforced visitation orders; “move away” spouses who use geography as a method of driving fathers out of their children’s lives; acceptance by the courts of false and/or uncorroborated accusations as a basis for denying custody or even contact between parent and child; a “win/lose” system which pits ex-spouses against one another by designating a custodial and a noncustodial parent; courts which in determining custody tilt heavily towards the parent who initiates the divorce, thus encouraging each parent to “strike first”; burdensome legal costs; and judicial preference for mothers over fathers as custodial parents.

    The child’s right to equal access and opportunity with both parents, the right to be guided and nurtured by both parents, the right to have major decisions made by the application of both parents’ wisdom, judgment and experience. The child does not forfeit these rights when the parents divorce.

  2. I had got a dream to begin eradicating bad judges and get people that care!

  3. Your title “judge to judge on illegal payments to judges …” is destroying families and is sick.

  4. Obvious our society is falling apart by letting sick corrupt judges stay in power.

  5. Child custody cases are seldomly cut and dry. As a custody advocate, I frequently see other lawyers billing concerned parents tens of thousands of dollars which destroys marital. My minimum retainer for a custody case is $30,000 because I know the other party is going to drag it out as long as he or she can. Almost always, one side will drag in allegations of domestic violence, sexual harassment, or other typically nonsense rumors in order to gain the upper hand. I have been recommending that my clients try mediation which can save them thousands of dollars. Many local judges have been agreeing with my efforts as well. If there is anyone would like to learn more about other, like-minded, local [url=http://www.get-custody.com/Child-Custody-Lawyers-Naperville]child custody lawyers[/url], please see this website.

  6. hello

    The system is broken with judges having judicial immunity is a bad thing because we can not hold them accountable for their bad actions.

  7. Child custody can be a very stressfulfight for fogeys and for all of thefamily. Custody of the child implies that the party granted for it’s going to get the accountability of rearing the child. This could be a tough process for the child since they are caught in between.

    Fine should not be taking on the system and fighting it. People should stay in their marriages or somebody like me will take their wealth before they die and leave them poor.

  8. As the general public know, mother tend to have an enchantment more to the court due to the societal affect that has been with our culture. So the household law normally favors the mother in this case. It is like they’re depended on every other. In most cases they will get at least women get full custody that is why they can act crazy because the fool coward judges will do nothing except collect their large inexsessive bribery checks from your tax money.

  9. Child custody generally is a very worryingfight for parents and for all of thefamily. Custody of the child means that the social gathering granted for it is going to get the accountability of rearing the child. This generally is a tough process for the child since they’re caught in between. That’s why dads are always the loser because moms need child support to pay for the lifestyle expenses of hair and makeup.