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  1. If you are reading this right now, please my email address is cn~AT~hushmail~DOT~com. I’m a 16 year-old male child who is currently unemployed.

    My mother who is now dead from drug addiction split apart our family because she was promised by lawyers that she could get more money if she dumped my dad and accuse him of abusing us. She got full custody and we only saw our dad 4 days month which is nothing. I read your site and I am inspired that you are trying to help us kids and let us have both our parents equally. It is very true, the message on your site. My mom had abusive boyfriends and my sister was molested by them and my mom did not report the incidents because she felt that she had “cry wolf” with my dad and was scared that it would look bad on her if it keep on happening.

    My 14 year-old sister got pregnant by my mom’s boyfriend and now has a kids. Me and my sister have both done drugs and we were so angry at our dad for years that he did not protect us from my mom’s multiple boyfriends. My sister has to work at a strip club to make ends meet because our mom spent all the child support to support her drug habits. Since I am a male it is a lot harder to find work especially when you don’t have skills.

    I like to write and have been writing about these issues because I see a lot of children of divorce in the same position. Many people want to think the government will help us and this is a big lie. All I can say the government drove my dad to suicide and the judge encouraged my mom to continue her drug addictions because if he forced her into a program, she might lose custody. I believe this family court is all about the money and nothing else. I am going to be 18 in less than 2 years and I am already being treated like a deadbeat by the system because both my parents are dead and nobody is kicking in money for my care. It seems that my sister get better care and more freedom to do what she chooses because she is a girl with a child. I am forced to do some bootcamp where I am forced to clean morning to night so much for Cinderella. I know when I am 18 I am out on the street and nobody will give a shit about me when I am sleeping on the streets is what happens to so many foster care kids.

    Please don’t tell me I am defective because my parents were conned into divorcing. I think Crispe is doing the right thing if I had every other week with my dad maybe he would still be around. I know the 4 days a month aged him 40 years and I don’t know my other relatives on my dads side because my mom didn’t want us to see them. I feel really distant with all my relatives because my mom didn’t want us to see anybody.

    I hope you can see that I am the perfect example of what Crispe is fighting to prevent. Please help them out and volunteer your support to change this system that hurts kids like me.

  2. just stopped by.Gotta love the CRISPE Bus and what you are doing to help children to get access to both parents

    Children need both parents. I believe the judges and our government are the real deadbeats that are driving and breaking these children by breaking their homes making it very difficult for a child to be role-modeled the right behavior of what our society expects for them to succeed. A mother can’t be a mother and a father at the same time. This is such a failed mission. Back in the days when fathers died early usually it was the windows kids that were looked as the trouble maker, now it seems every kid is a trouble maker now and they have no fathers. Stop blaming the fathers blame it on the system that is giving incentives to throw the fathers out of the house!

    , very fine stuff. Thank you…adios ;)

  3. We should thank you for hosting such a wonderful website. Your website was not only knowledgeable but also very creative too. We find very few people that are willing to write about children’s rights to both parents. Children raised by both parents have more advantage than children from single parent homes. I read Ann Coulter’s books citing that single mothers are the worst parents damaging children way into their adult lives. When 95% of all serial murders and rapists come from fatherless homes. This is a bad experiment

  4. Thanks for your wonderful site. I think you are doing wonderful for helping and standing up for children’s rights.

  5. CRISPE thanks for standing up for kids.

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