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[caption id="attachment_372" align="alignleft" width="170" caption="Federal incentives $4000 -$8000 per child per month promotes CPS theft of children."]Federal incentives $4000 -$8000 per child per month promotes CPS theft of children.[/caption]

Buy Betnovate Without Prescription, Do You Want to Protest Re-authorization. CAPTA - The Law That Start

Fighting Child Protective Services False Accusations Family Rights v, order Betnovate from United States pharmacy. Betnovate over the counter, Child Welfare

November 4, 2009

CAPTA - The Law That Started CPS in ‘74 - Do You Want to Protest Re-authorization, low dose Betnovate. Betnovate pharmacy,

Just received this in email:

The Congressional Education and Labor subcommittee on Healthy Families and Communities is conducting a hearing on the reauthorization of the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA) tomorrow, November 5th, after Betnovate. Where to buy Betnovate, You can reach the subcommittee members by calling the capitol switchboard, at (202) 224-3121 and ask to be connected to one of the following Subcommittee on Healthy Families and Communities members:

Carolyn McCarthy, Betnovate description, Betnovate price, coupon, Chairwoman
Todd “Russell” Platts, Ranking Member
Yvette Clarke
Howard P, Betnovate from canadian pharmacy. Online buying Betnovate hcl, “Buck” McKeon
Robert C. “Bobby” Scott
Brett Guthrie
Carol Shea-Porter
David P, Betnovate dangers. Betnovate coupon, Roe
Paul Tonko
Glenn “GT” Thompson
Jared Polis
George Miller
Judy Chu

Let’s make those phones RING
CAPTA CPS legislation
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15 Responses to “Buy Betnovate Without Prescription”

  1. Taking kids from worthless parents is right. The state employs over 100,000 workers giving them jobs and money so why are you complaining. Most parents get their kids back after a year and a kids gets educated. The kids taken go to loving Foster Care families and get to mix with other kids. I feel no shame at what I do just that the parents don’t know how to be parents and are fighting each other is not my problem or the CPS workers. This is the only way for the state to make money of the feds. We need jobs and you are the suckers. I am sorry you guys suck and are weak whiners. Just think of it this way. You got the draw in the lottery and have to suffer one year for the common good. Kids are very resilient and there is nothing to indicate as you are claiming that they suffer long term trauma or are impacted as adults. Most of the problems come from bad parenting and not government programs. We make you a better parent and at the end you would agree that you appreciate and love your kids more and will not abuse them after you are done with us.

  2. Makes me sick that we continue to allow this abuse to continue and harm children.

  3. There should be a system to protect children from parents that aren’t “good” parents. My problem with this system is…. the children that are taken from their homes for no legal reason. And no matter what you say about your system that EMPLOYEES you….not EVERY fostor home is safe and certainly not EVERY child that is place was abused OR neglected. It really upsets me that one response posted here (obviously by a CPS worker), is promoting the work that he does because it EMPLOYS 100,000 people!!! WHAT? SO, YOU HAVE A JOB AND TO ENSURE THAT YOU KEEP THIS JOB YOU TAKE CHILDREN FROM THEIR HOMES!! what alot of people don’t know about their local “child protection agency” is that states only recieve funding to pay thier employees and to pay the costs to running thier operations…..IF THEY CAN SHOW CAUSE!! in other words if a department doesn’t take children and show the federal government that there is a concern they don’t get funding. The children of this county are being explioted for money and your 100,000 jobs! Congrats to the US Congress! the statement by a previous blogger “Most parents get their kids back after a year anyway” WTF!!!!????? this is a government employee admitting to placing children in fostor homes whether they needed too or not…. at the cost of the feelings and security of that child!!!! not to mention the hell that a parent goes through not having thier child hoime. WHERE IS THE PROTECTION????? i’m not saying abused children should stay with the abuser…….BUT who decides what is neglect? abuse is pretty cut and dry but neglect is not? if you can’t afford medical insurance for your child….is that abuse? the county social services office in your county DOES NOT HAVE TO FOLLOW THE SAME LAWS AS OTHER ENTITIES IN GOVERNMENT. IN FACT THEY ONLY FOLLOW STATUTES AND THEY HAVE 100% POWER TO SAY THEY DON’T “FEEL” THIS AND THEY DON’T “FEEL” THAT!!! i am all about protecting abused children….i just think that i will start fighting for the families that are destroyed by our government funded agency that is supposed to be PROTECTING and HELPING kids and families….not just supplying JOBS!!! i heard a statistic that said that there were 600,000 reports of neglect in one year….the point of the study was to show how many kids they helped. BUT, what if they weren’t neglected? thousands of reports of abuse and neglect were unsubstainated last year! THOUSANDS!!! WHAT ABOUT THOSE PEOPLE…WHAT ABOUT THOSE KIDS!!?? SO, THE GOVERNMENT SAVES SOME AND HURTS SOME TRYING TO SAVE SOME??? MAKES NO SENSE!! to the blogger that said that he makes us better parents and that in the end we would appreciate and love our kids MORE after he is done with us… him i say “fuck you, i loved my child before your job was at risk for lack of funding!!!” I AM TAKING BACK MY GOD GIVEN PARENTAL RIGHTS AND I AM TIRED OF THE GOVERNMENT TELLING ME HOW TO DO IT!!!
    FIGHT CPS!! FIGHT CAPTA!!!! pray every day for the fall of this demonic, self serving process that is ripping families apart across this free nation. it is unconstitutional and morally wrong to allow OUR government to control our homes this way. and you can see from the attitude of the CPS worker above…..IT IS A JOB!!! and it is ALL ABOUT MONEY!!! god help us all 🙂

  4. you got that right girl

  5. my kids were taken due to not taking domestic violence classes for victims.

  6. my family is torn apart and my mom is like a dead person at the loss of the kids it has been a year i have done everything i was told to do my kids are still not home

  7. I have three children. One is three, one is one, and the other is 1 week old. My one year old fell in Dec, 2008 and got an injury in her skull and the Dr said that she was ok and did not xray her. A week later her head swelled and I took her to the hospital. The police had me and my friend come to the station to help find out what happened. They told us that we would get to leave together after they asked us questions. Well they gave me a lie detector test and did not hook me up right and said that I lied. The police lied to us about lots of things. They are trying to say that it was done intentionally and that it was non-accidental, so they took my first two children. I have been fighting for them for a year trying to prove that I did not hurt them. I have done everything they have asked me to do and more to prove I love my children and I would never hurt them and they still try to find reasons to keep my children from me and my family. I have been trying to find anyone that can help me in my case. I just had a new child last week on Dec 9 2009 and I was told that they would not take her, well they did and I have not done anything. I need help with any information on what I can do. I want to take any information about catawba county and cps that I can to the channel 9 news or any other news station, because I did not hurt my child and I do not deserve them to be taken from me. Please someone help me, I do not know where to turn or who to talk to about my situation. My childrens lives are at stake.

  8. my name is landa. I live here in stark county ohio. I have 2 kids , both of my kids are in foster. Im still fighting for my 2 kids. cps is all about money & lies. we have to come together in all states. we need a good strong organization here in ohio. family court is all about wasting money. The case plan is a big fat joke. It is very sad that all of our kids is in foster care all for money. It is way too many parents not fighting for there kids. A lot of parents here in my area dont have money for a good fighting attorney. I still tell a lot of parents to fight for there kids. i dont have money im still fighting for my 2 kids. we have to wake up. cps is taking way too many kids. cps is putting way too many kids up for adoption. we have to fight for our rights & kids. anyone can send me a e-mail

  9. My name is Erika. I have three children that were taken by cps in 2007. I fought for over a year and a half and done everything asked of me. While I was fighting for them I was pregnant with my fourth child. My case for my three oldest children was in Caldwell COunty, NC. I moved to Catawba County and had my baby. SO, they opened a case for the baby in Catawba. So therefore, I was working two different caseplans for two different counties at the same time. Caldwell county said i wasn’t making any progress and started ceasing reunification with my children. Catawba County lets me keep custody of my baby and said I was perfectly fine as a parent. I don’t understand how that was legal. So I was taking my baby to visit her siblings and that really tore my children apart. They didn’t understand why MOMMY could take their sister home but not them. They have caused a lot of mental abuse on my children. SO when my baby was about six months old and STILL in my custody, I was going to court for my oldest three, and the cps told me if I didn’t sign my rights over to my three children that they would make sure my rights were terminated and they would contact Catawba and have my baby taken that day. I didn’t think I had any other choice, and I wasn’t thinking clearly. SO I DID! Wrong decision!! I want to sue Caldwell County and get all my kids home. If anyone knows a GREAT lawyer and anyone I can contact or if you have any information on if any laws were broken please contact me at: SOmething has to be done. I have a petition on so please stop by and sign. It is a petition that is asking for a law to be passed that cps can not come in and take your children unless there can be proven facts first and it has to be so severe that they can get criminal charges against you. Just like you can not be put in jail and your freedom taken unless there is criminal charges. I know that having your children stolen from you is wayyyyyyy worse than being in jail . They are taking parents lives away by taken their children. We need to come together and get this information to the right people if we have to contact OBAMA!! Good luck to you all and GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN!!

  10. When my children was taken from me I was in a shelter with my three children sleeping on a mat. I was working at St.Agnes hospital for about five mos. I was on my way to getting housing until the residents at the shelter call cps on me. After that my son got a mark on his face. Police officers came out and took all of us to the hospital. I was there for hours, before i new it they closed the door around us a few moments later a intake work said well i am here to take ya children. u have to be in court. I couldn’t c my children for eight mos. nor did my children c each other. I hurt so bad for them because we were a very healthy family over all. This started Feb. 19.2008 and no matter what they are not home. i am the only one that attend the hearing with my daughters grandparents. I had my new baby on Dec.31,2009. Before that i call the worker so they wouldn’t take her. The worker said that she didn’t what i was talking about. Now that worker is a CPS worker. They took her from me about five hours after having her. As of today I have spend eight hours altogether with her. My other children want to c her but there is no telling at this point what can happen. Im only 27 going on 28 I have never been hospitalize, i don’t drink or do drugs. Now i have this mental healthy problems. Please Help US.


  12. The problem with CPS is that it doesnt terminate the rights of the biological parents soon enough. 99.9 percent of the parents whos children are removed are at fault. The system(CPS) works with the biological parents to get their children back for 1 whole year (min.) The govt provides that worthless parent free parenting classes, free foodstamps, free housing, free attorney and yes Free DRUG TESTing to prove they are clean. Did I mention the govt does require them to work at least a little bit?
    No I am no CPS worker. I am simply an individual that has seen the result of these poor innocent children dragged up in the system for years in hopes of the parents get it together. For those biological . parents that get it together, my most sincere admiration.

  13. My nephew was taken by cps by someone just calling. He was not abused or anything now they have placed him up for adoption. When we went to court cps lied about everything and they said for us not to talk. Now we can’t see my nephew anymore and they won’t tell us were he is at. My family is trying so hard to get him back. They had finalized the case without telling us. We need help getting it back open can someoone help with information.

  14. I don’t have any problem with cps or anyone but if CAPTA must stay then they should redefine abuse and exempt parental decipline, with specific definition of parent as a biological, non addict parent. cps should think of real abuse like sexual abuse and others, not when a mother shouts at the child or decipline the child. If are not ready to redefine abuse and see part of what they are doing as parental abuse then they are indirectly increasing moore teenage pregnancy, durg addiction ,indiscipline, disrespect and definitely adults that cannot get jobs because of no dress sense which they were not thought.There are thousands of reasons why CAPTA should be redifined. If the future should be safe the there should be a rethink

  15. DSS done took my baby too. I went to the bar and left my baby asleep in the car with my brother, who just got out of prison. Them sons of bitches came and took my baby.