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Quinine For Sale, Oscar Grant was down on his luck. Looking homeless and talking back to a police officer is no reason for a police officer to kill.  We have give the police in this country too much power and when a black man is murdered in front of 30 witnesses were is the outrage, Quinine no prescription. Is Quinine addictive,  

We keep giving up all of our rights with laws such as the Patriot Act and U.S. Law 666 that forces us to use a Social Security Number in order to get any kind of license or benefit from a government agency.  We have laws on the books that take away a parents custody rights away for no fault when a parents rights to a child was recognized a supreme right by our forefathers that they did not think that it would need to be protected in the constitution, buy no prescription Quinine online. Real brand Quinine online, Oscar was a U.S. Army veteran and a noncustodial father of his child, Quinine For Sale. Because of our oppressive Social Services system he could not keep up with his child support payments which were higher than what his ex was getting in welfare benefits.  Resulting in him to be forced out of the Army for insolvency, discount Quinine. Quinine dosage, Despite the fact he joined in order to support his child.

Grant lost his driver's license and denied any state of state ID or passport which is a requirement to get hired for work, buy cheap Quinine. Low dose Quinine, Not to mention you are denied the right to vote or get married if you are behind in child support. Quinine For Sale, Grant also served 18 months in jail (Debtor's Prison) for not being able to pay child support making him a felon and snowballing him into further unemployment.

Where is the care and compassion in the system?

It is a lot easier for a drunk driver to get his driver's license back and no system to get your driver's license back unless you are paid in full with child support, Quinine brand name. Kjøpe Quinine på nett, köpa Quinine online,  If you manage to make it by borrowing money from family, in the next few days it is turned off again because you could not make the next payment.  If you are unemployed you are buried in interest and penalties plus back child support which can take years without any forms of ID forcing one to be disfranchised and homeless, online buying Quinine hcl. Quinine blogs, Their is no doubt Grant was a loving father but the system forced him out of the life of his child. His only way of defiance to the system was to say F@ck You to a cop and it cost him his life and his child will have no father.  His child is further cheated by this system that uses children as pawns to squeeze money and criminalize poor parents thanks to Title IV-D and the Bradley Amendment, Quinine without prescription.

This was the only video released to the public, Quinine For Sale. Buy generic Quinine, The other witnesses that stayed at the seen had their cameras and cell phones confiscated. This story happens everyday on our streets, Quinine online cod. Quinine steet value, Had this video been confiscated, you would not be hearing this story on the national news or you would have only gotten the police version, buy Quinine no prescription. Where can i cheapest Quinine online, Thanks to this brave person who shot this video and YOU can do something about this as well see below.

7 Things You Can Do Right Now About the Oscar Grant Shooting

Share this and let everyone know what's happening to poor families.

by Makani Themba-Nixon

1. Quinine For Sale, Digg the story so that the national media can pick up on it .  Also post in your MySpace, FaceBook, and other social networking sites to make others aware of this important issue of why children's parents aren't around and living homeless.

(Thanks, Quinine images, Doses Quinine work, Jabari For this link):


2. Contact BART Director Carole Ward Allen and demand that 1) the officers involved be taken off duty without pay and charged and fully prosecuted; 2) there be an independent investigation of the shooting that includes a review of training and hiring practices; and 3) BART establish an independent residents' review board for the police Call her at 510-464-6095 or email the BART Directors at BoardofDirectors@bart.gov

3. Call the BART police to complain about the officers' conduct and demand immediate action:

Internal Affairs: Sergeant David Chlebowski 510.464.7029, dchlebo@bart.gov

Chief of Police: Gary Gee 510.464.7022, Quinine mg, Quinine canada, mexico, india, ggee@bart.gov

Call them toll free at 877.679.7000 and press the last four digits of the phone number you wish to reach.

4. Talk it up on your blogs, Quinine australia, uk, us, usa, Quinine interactions, networks and talk radio shows (call Michael Baisden 877-6BADBOYor Rev. Al, purchase Quinine online no prescription, Quinine price, coupon, etc. to get this on the national radar)

5. Call, online buying Quinine, Buy Quinine without prescription, meet, and write your Elected Officials and tell them you demand the Bradley Amendment and Harsh Title IV-d Child Support Enforcement programs to be appealed and more humane.  Allowing parents down on their luck to be forgiven of child support debt so that they can break the cycle of homelessness, Quinine forum. Where can i buy cheapest Quinine online, Here is a link that will give you sample letters to write.


6. Stay tuned for other actions, Quinine description, Quinine long term, protests, etc., Quinine no rx, Quinine recreational, especially if you are in the Bay.

7. Support organizations like CRISPE and Donate so that they can advocate for children's rights to share both parents EQUALLY, Quinine trusted pharmacy reviews.


For those who haven;'t seen the horrific video take a look and note that this our tax dollars at work

Watch the video --

For more info: evanshamar@gmail.com
(510) 750-2767.

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14 Responses to “Quinine For Sale”

  1. Breaking News!!! http://crispe.org/blog/?p=251 more info on the BART Shooting.

  2. The System has the racism built in so the black is always poor. They should not hide the fact that child support is a form of slavery when that man has no say in raising the kid but has to fork all the money to the state so welfare momma can live for free in goverment housing and collect money from 6 different baby daddies.

  3. I’ve watched every video out there. From what I can see–and none of the films have been enhanced, and from the way the officers act as the shot goes off, the gun discharged accidentally.

    It’s a horrible thing.

  4. Very sad. One of my battle buddies from Iraq


  5. Details the news media didn’t want to cover. Every body is focussed on the incident that night and no mention really of his life prior to of Grant Oscar. Had that video not been out the media would have said he was a felon just released from prison and nothing more would have been said about the killing or the deeper problems of him doing almost 2 years in prison for not being able to pay child support. The picture of him with his child made him a human being otherwise I would have thought a black thug killed by the police no big deal. I am sure that’s what the cop was thinking. He had five other cops there to help and he didn’t ask them to help. This country is really messed up if it thinks a man will start paying child support if he sits in jail for 2 years. How of these Grant Oscar guys are out there? When was the last time this guy saw his kid? It seems if he was out soliciting in the subway he wasn’t in his kids life and if he was I am sure he would have not been there and still alive.

  6. Don’t realize that many of these homeless people are homeless because of our sorry socialist services. I hate dealing with the DMV. I could only imagine dealing with these our programs with bureaucrats pretending to work and pretending to help but really doing nothing.

  7. Title IV-d is a racist program to oppress minorities and keep them poor

  8. This isn’t a “black thing” this Title IV-D corruption is destroying all families. They set the child support too high where the non-custodial parent is not able to maintain their own household because 75% of their income is going to CS and taxes. The custodial parent get the money tax free and get all the deductions leaving nothing for the non-custodial parent. If the non-custodial parent loses their job, they are on the hook for all the support when unemployed which snowballs into huge interests and penalties and what happens to many non-custodial parents. They lose their driver’s license, passport, credit destroyed, and so on to spending time in jail for not being able to pay. Children do better just spending time with their parents than what any money can do. The cut a parent out because they are not able to pay is just plain wrong!

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  11. I was searching for Blogs about government grants for minorities and found this site. I am interested in your content and appreciate sites like this. I am tired of veterans and fathers being treated like animals. The cops are bullys and will beat on people percieved that the system or society do not care about. It is sad that someone can serve in Iraq and then has to live on the streets homeless.

  12. […] the police.  And if you talk back to the police, you’re going to get arrested, beat down, or killed.   I have enough street smarts to know that you can’t mouth off to the police when you are […]

  13. If he was living in Africa I am sure athe brothers would respect him. BULL. You people never had it so good. As a race you never produced a written language, never built cities that have would stood the test of time. And do not rry to tell the Egyptians they are black, they will bury you. Haiti, a country with black rule for 500 years, need I say more.,,Put your self in all those africans that are still living in grass huts, shoes. That is where you would be if your ancestor were not sold by blacks into slavery.


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