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Buy Glucophage Without Prescription, With high employment and an unpredictable economy, the last thing we need is higher child support taxes. 

The current system imputes income to people that have no income because of being unemployed.  We need a system that is fair to everyone.  The custodial parent gets all the benefits of raising the child such as child care credits, dependent tax deductions, and so many others deals not offered to the non-custodial parent. Glucophage no rx, Non-custodial parents should not be punished because they were not awarded the kids in divorce or punished because they lost their job.

Now is the time to act and give what you believe that should make it more fair for noncustodial parents, Glucophage coupon. Fast shipping Glucophage, ===================================================



If you think Child Support in California is fine:

Do Nothing

If you think Child Support in California can be improved:

Go to the court website and let your thoughts be heard =>

Go to

e-mail comments to:

At the bottom of page you should see:

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="473" caption="Your Critical Response Is Need By January 28, 2011 @ 5PM"][/caption]

At a minimum:  Click the link “Submit comments online” and add your comments to the “Comments” box, Glucophage dangers. Doses Glucophage work, Also and preferably, review the Recommendations being made in the “Invitation to Comment…” and the “Review of Statewide…” links above, buy Glucophage from mexico, Buy Glucophage without prescription, and state your positions on the proposals being made.


A simple format for commenting is:

“The Child Support Guideline is [Insert your view of the Guideline], Buy Glucophage Without Prescription. This is because [Insert your view of what the problem(s) is/are], Glucophage forum. Where to buy Glucophage, The Guideline can be improved by [Insert your view of an improvement/solution]. [Insert your view of any sense of urgency], get Glucophage. Glucophage brand name, “



Every 4 years the Court reports to the Legislature how the Child Support Guideline is working. Buy Glucophage Without Prescription, The goal is to report whether the Guideline produces “appropriate child support orders”.

(See for info on previous reviews), Glucophage wiki. Real brand Glucophage online, “Appropriate” means:

(a) A parent's first and principal obligation is to support his or her minor children according to the parent's circumstances and station in life.

(b) Both parents are mutually responsible for the support of their children, Glucophage duration. Glucophage samples, (c) The guideline takes into account each parent's actual income and level of responsibility for the children.

(d) Each parent should pay for the support of the children according to his or her ability, Buy Glucophage Without Prescription.

(e) The guideline seeks to place the interests of children as the state's top priority, Glucophage class. Glucophage canada, mexico, india, (f) Children should share in the standard of living of both parents. Child support may therefore appropriately improve the standard of living of the custodial household to improve the lives of the children, Glucophage from mexico. Comprar en línea Glucophage, comprar Glucophage baratos, (g) Child support orders in cases in which both parents have high levels of responsibility for the children should reflect the increased costs of raising the children in two homes and should minimize significant disparities in the children's living standards in the two homes. Buy Glucophage Without Prescription, (h) The financial needs of the children should be met through private financial resources as much as possible.

(i) It is presumed that a parent having primary physical responsibility for the children contributes a significant portion of available resources for the support of the children, Glucophage brand name. Effects of Glucophage, (j) The guideline seeks to encourage fair and efficient settlements of conflicts between parents and seeks to minimize the need for litigation.

(k) The guideline is intended to be presumptively correct in all cases, get Glucophage, Cheap Glucophage, and only under special circumstances should child support orders fall below the child support mandated by the guideline formula.

(l) Child support orders must ensure that children actually receive fair, kjøpe Glucophage på nett, köpa Glucophage online, Glucophage price, coupon, timely, and sufficient support reflecting the state's high standard of living and high costs of raising children compared to other states.

Currently, Glucophage used for, Low dose Glucophage, the Guideline is a very simple mathematical formula that includes (1) mom’s income, (2) dad’s income, cheap Glucophage no rx, Glucophage wiki, and the (3) percentage of time each is responsible for the child(ren). The more time a parent is given with the child the greater financial benefit to that parent (i.e., more time = more money received/less money paid), Buy Glucophage Without Prescription. There is no limitation or accounting on how the money is spent, Glucophage class, Glucophage for sale, but it is assumed that it is spent on the child.

This time around, where can i order Glucophage without prescription, Buy Glucophage no prescription, the court is only recommending the following changes:

1. Update or modify the low-income adjustment in the guideline, real brand Glucophage online. Buy Glucophage without prescription, 2. Buy Glucophage Without Prescription, Evaluate the current income attribution policies. This includes codifying case law on income imputation and reviewing the existing income presumption provision to determine if it continues to be consistent with the legislative principles regarding child support.

3. Educate stakeholders and equip them with information so that they can make the current system work better. In addition, develop strategies to engage stakeholders and encourage their active participation in the child support process.

4, Buy Glucophage Without Prescription. Adopt any necessary conforming changes so that California can meet the 2008 federal medical support rules, but also recognize that the 2010 national health reform may produce future changes to the federal rules as well as changes in how states approach medical support.

5. Encourage better and more detailed information in the case file.

In layperson’s terms, this means: Leave the Guideline basically the same, consider whether “imputing income where none is evident” is a good idea, tell parents that “everything is alright”, require health insurance on top of child support, and keep better court file records.

The last review was in 2005 and only 29 members of public throughout all of California commented on the Report. See comments at  pp. 158-194.


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4 Responses to “Buy Glucophage Without Prescription”

  1. I submitted the following on 12-21-10:

    The Family Law Uncertainty Principal in California
    What kind of Tijuana is this?

    Jim Untershine, GZS of LB, 04-15-06

    “In the sharp formulation of the law of causality – ‘if we know the present exactly, we can calculate the future’ – it is not the conclusion that is wrong but the premise.” (Heisenberg, in uncertainty principle paper, 1927)

    There is a distinction between a guideline and a rule, a process and a racket, or a system and a railroad. When it comes to social policy, there must be a thorough understanding of the dynamics of a problem before a solution can be intelligently proposed. Social policy that is implemented based on an erroneous premise may not only result in ineffectiveness – it may just start a revolution.

    The U.S. Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) reported child support arrearages of $84 billion across all states in 2000. The State of California leads the nation reporting arrearages of $15.8 billion, with Texas ($7.9 billion) and Michigan ($6.3 billion) trailing the national leader in ineffectiveness by less than half. The ineptitude of the CSE agency operating in California has been the focus of much consternation by those attempting to balance the State’s budget every year.

    * 2000 – Federal law (USC 42 658a) is enacted by Congress, which specifies the state incentive calculations (USC 42 658 repealed). The new method allows States to double the collections that must be distributed last, which includes TANF, Foster Care, and ‘support obligations not required to be assigned’.
    * 2000 – Policy Studies Inc (PSI) is paid by California taxpayers to conduct the “California Child Support Guideline Review 2001”. PSI recommends no changes to the State’s child support awards and recommends: “the results from the Urban Institute’s study on child support debt be considered when released. It may provide further insights on the ability to pay in these presumed income cases.”
    * 2001 – Policy Studies Inc is paid by California taxpayers to investigate the State’s CSE accounting with the outcome reported by the LA Times: “Glowing report comes on the two-year anniversary of the state agency that collects court-ordered payments, whose amounts doubled on average per case”.
    * 2003 – The Urban Institute (UI) is paid by California taxpayers to conduct the “Collectability Study” entitled “Examining Child Support Arrears in California”. UI recommends: ‘California should consider the interest charges on unpaid child support. We estimate that 27% of California’s child support arrears, or $3.9 billion, was interest in 2000’ and ‘as far as we know, there is no priori reason for charging interest before principal. We estimate that if California reversed this order, it would reduce its arrears balance by 6% over a 10 year period’.
    * 2005 – Policy Studies Inc is paid by California taxpayers to conduct the “California Child Support Guideline Review 2005″. PSI acknowledged the UI perspective: ‘The Collectibility Study identified the following three reasons for arrears growth during the 1990s: (1) support order amounts that were too high for low-income obligors, (2) incomplete enforcement, and (3) assessment of interest on arrears.’ PSI recommends, however: ‘No abundance of compelling evidence suggests that the basic guideline formula needs to be changed.’

    Federal law specifies how collections by state CSE agencies must be distributed (USC 42 657) and demands that child support principal that accrued while not receiving TANF must be paid to the custodial parent first. The ‘priori reason for charging interest before principal’ (that seemed to allude UI) is the same reason that compelled Gray Davis to veto paternity fraud legislation – California seeks to maximize Federal funding regardless of the collateral damage incurred on the parents and the children who are forced to be victimized by the State’s lawless ‘money machine’.

    “I believe that the existence of the classical ‘path’ can be pregnantly formulated as follows: The ‘path’ comes into existence only when we observe it.“ (Heisenberg, in uncertainty principle paper, 1927)

    California has chosen to use ‘the path less traveled’ (compared to the law abiding States) by driving parents attempting to support their children to unemployment, which forces the custodial parent and their children to TANF, which allows CSE to keep the debt growing by discouraging payment, which will allow ‘welfare to work’ to help leave the children home alone, which will allow Foster Care to herd the children to same-sex households, which will allow the financially stable Foster parents to take a $10,000 per year tax deduction for each child (or even more if they request siblings). Although the parent who is originally targeted for collection will be forced to foot the bill for all aspects of their family’s destruction – the practice of distributing interest first, results in the taxpayers rarely seeing a penny of reimbursement, and the targeted parent from slowing the growth of the debt.

    At least when a Tijuana cop pulls you over while driving in Mexico, he will only take your drivers license, or your car, or put you in jail if you refuse to give him all your money. In California they will also take your kids, your house, and your business, to allow them to rip off their Country’s taxpayers.

  2. Hello! I just stump upon your page, you have a wonderful site. I believe REAL women don’t need child support. We are an equal society, we shouldn’t have a demand only on men to pay, it should be 50/50.

  3. I guess you may be spot on concerning ACT NOW! What do you think about child support in California? | Children’s Rights Initiative for Sharing Parents Equally. i am disgusted with the CS system and how it is used to break families. I can’t support myself and they want me to pay up and destroy my credit take my driver’s license, this is insane.

  4. Exactlty what can you say? Not everyone has got the exact same views but it’s good to see that some one is not liking how men and women are not treated equally in this country.

    Women get all the child support so that they can stay in the kitchen and fuck big daddy judge. When daddy is kicked out of the house forced to live in a cardboard box and pay baby-momma to stay home and eat Bon Bons and bob the dode with the rich attorneys.