new-bad-boy-in-town-crispe-070125.JPG Welcome to the Children's Rights Initiative for Shared Parenting Equality Blog site.  We hope you participate in the discussion on this web site which is designed to promote and educate parents regarding shared parenting initiatives in the United States. The site will feature our 45-foot diesel pusher Coach CRISPE which will travel around to support shared parenting events in the United States. All blog posting are the opinions of the individual blogger and do not reflect the opinions of CRISPE and are for informational purposes only.  If you you are interested in becoming a blogger, please use the address below: For more information contact Mike Sinclair at crispeinfo@crispe.org

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  1. Dear Larry,

    What a week! CRISPE has provided us with the spark we needed to get things moving in S. Oregon.

    4 radio interviews so far…alot of attention. The Daily Courier in Grants Pass wrote a great article about us. It wouldn’t have happened without CRISPE!

    Keep up the good work! And don”t forget…we’ve got to keep you on the road. So, don’t be afraid to ask for money to help you along.

    You can count on me as one of your CRISPE Crew members. I’d like to be one of 40 Oregonians to donate $10 every month to your efforts.

    I’d like to challenge 39 other folks to do the same. If we did just that in Oregon, we’d pay for 5% of CRIPSE’s expenses! Let’s do our part!

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