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Human Growth Hormone For Sale, The Center for JE is a bunch of hogwash.  Its primary purpose is to take children away from fathers.  Both myself, Michael Robinson, and Donald Tenn have runs with the bogus group.  Both Don and myself attended one of the non-custodial meetings.

Twice the CJE has tried to get anti-Parental Alienation law passed in the CA Legislature, and thanks to the efforts of Michael and those who know that Parental Alienation is real, My Human Growth Hormone experience, they have lost.

They have some token "dads" in this group including a guy they parade around in a wheel chair to make them look legit, but do not be fooled.  If you are a man, they believe that all men should be on supervised visitation, buy Human Growth Hormone from canada, and that all dads are "abusers" and they refer to their ex-husband, boyfriend and "abuser."  (Generally, Human Growth Hormone wiki, the only abuse that was heaped upon them was the man got the hell out of their lives.)

Also, anyone who uses the term "protective parent" aligns themselves with parental kidnapping.  The term "protective parent" comes from a group of rogue attorneys and moms that kidnap children.  They have a long history.

I wrote an article about this group and they bear close watching.  Certainly the Marin County Family Court knows who they are.

Also, order Human Growth Hormone online c.o.d, here is Connie Valentines story, for laughs.

Thanks for your time,
Mark Godbey
Parents Rights Activist
Thanks for your time,
Mark Godbey
Parents Rights Activist

Sent: Wed, April 14, 2010 5:31:15 PM
Subject: Fwd: UPDATE - Dr, Human Growth Hormone For Sale. Human Growth Hormone dangers, Phil Show Airs April 14th

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Date: Wed, Apr 14, 2010 at 10:51 AM
Subject: Fwd: UPDATE - Dr. Phil Show Airs April 14th

To all:

Important. Is Human Growth Hormone addictive,
Please see below and watch the Dr. Phil show today re the family court crisis.

(Please be aware, that the content won't be what you thought or hoped it would be). Human Growth Hormone For Sale, See further below for explanation.
Check your area for the local channel and time.

The Center For Judicial Excellence (CJE) is the enemy, Human Growth Hormone class, if you didn't already know that.
Their idea of judicial excellence would be if only mothers get the children and fathers get the bills. Human Growth Hormone duration, They have no interest in the best interest of the child, or equal shared parenting.
They are the driving force behind the Marin and Sacramento County judicial audits focusing on courts giving children to "their abusers" (mostly without any evidence re this), and they are the driving force to have parental alienation denied and dismissed by the courts as an existing issue and condition (parental alienation syndrome), effects of Human Growth Hormone.
Joining them in their evil deeds is a Sacramento group called the California Protective Parents Association (CPPA), Human Growth Hormone For Sale.
This organization is run by Connie Valentine, who will probably be on the show. Human Growth Hormone from mexico, Kathleen Russell, the executive director of CJE, will be the main "guest" (propagandist) on the show.
Dr, is Human Growth Hormone safe. Phil is such a wanker. Human Growth Hormone For Sale, Watch this show if you can so that we can then send in protest  and/or commentary letters because this will be a very one-sides, biased and prejudiced show.
They are a men hating group. Buy cheap Human Growth Hormone no rx, The two main groups pushing the issues are femi-nazis and call Fathers abusers, not Fathers.
We all know what they are and who they are.
I know several people who have encountered them over the years, Human Growth Hormone cost, and I have attended several meetings and engaged them re their biased and prejudiced attitudes.

We will need to confront these groups wherever and whenever we can, Human Growth Hormone For Sale.
They have several legislators in their hip pocket, Human Growth Hormone from canada, and they have access to money and power, a groups wet dream in order to spread hate and lies of any kind to the masses.


Bob (Rob)

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From: CJE <>
Sent: Fri, Apr 2, 2010 6:30 pm
Subject: UPDATE - Dr. Phil Show Airs April 14th

CJE Web Header 600


The Human Growth Hormone For Sale, Dr. Where can i find Human Growth Hormone online, Phil Show on the Family Court Crisis is now scheduled to air on Wednesday, April 14th. This date is unlikely to change, but please watch your email for last minute updates.

Click here to find the local station and time for the Dr, Human Growth Hormone forum. Phil Show in your community.

Thanks again to the 100+ Protective Moms who attended the taping of the show. Your ongoing commitment to show up and share your stories fuels this movement!

AND... The producers have told us that Part II of this series will be taped by the first week of May, Human Growth Hormone For Sale. Human Growth Hormone pics, We'll get you more details when we have them.


Kudos to the California State Auditor for her vigilance. Please feel free to post an online comment:

State auditor threatens to subpoena Marin Superior Court records
Marin Independent Journal, April 2, Human Growth Hormone no rx, 2010


Protective Mom Amanda Hodge has offered to send a press release to local news affiliates on the networks that air the Dr. Phil Show. Human Growth Hormone For Sale, She will offer local interviews with Protective Parents who have survived the Family Court Crisis. Human Growth Hormone alternatives, Amanda has already heard from nearly 100 Protective Parents. If you have not contacted her yet, and you are willing to share your story with local media, email ONLY the information below to Amanda Hodge at, purchase Human Growth Hormone online, BEFORE NEXT FRIDAY APRIL 9 (NOTE that Amanda is a volunteer with limited time, and that she can ONLY include your story if you supply all of the details requested and if you submit it in the exact format below):

1) Your Name and the City/State where you live. Real brand Human Growth Hormone online, 2) Your Contact information (Phone & Email).

3) The name of your local Dr. Phil station (KSBW or WALA for example, not CBS) & the name and email of the News Director at that station (click here to find your station, then visit the station's website to find their news director's information), buy Human Growth Hormone without a prescription.

4) Please indicate what you are willing to do below:
- Willing to use your name in the press release, Human Growth Hormone For Sale.
- To be interviewed on camera by the press.
- How about an anonymous interview (Jane Doe). Human Growth Hormone online cod, - Willing to name the courthouse your case is in.

**Amanda needs to hear from everybody willing to participate by NEXT FRIDAY (April 9th) to adapt a release for your local area. Please be aware that there is no guarantee that the local press will interview you.

Questions about this action? Please call Amanda at 334-750-2280 (EDT). CJE will be supporting her, but will not be fielding calls or responding to emails about this action, Human Growth Hormone for sale.

Check the CJE website for more information - we'll keep you updated as we firm up the details.

Together, we can rebuild public trust in our courts, reinforcing the judiciary as a well-managed model of integrity, justice and equality, Human Growth Hormone natural.



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